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Get Your Account Balance Instantly By Text!

Looking for a convenient and hassle-free way to stay on top of your finances? Look no further than SNIFCU's SMS banking!

With SMS banking, you can easily check your account balances and previous transactions with just a text message. To enroll, simply log in to your online banking account through our website, click on the “Mobile” link at the top of the screen, and connect your mobile phone number. Then, select the box for SMS banking and you're ready to go!

Once enrolled, you can text 71806 and use the following commands to get your account information:

HELP:      Brings up the available commands and our main office phone number

BAL:        Gives you the balance of each account

HIST 1:    Gives you the last few transactions on your savings account

HIST 2:    Gives you the last few transactions on your checking account

HIST (#):  If you have multiple sub-accounts, the BAL command will indicate what number is assigned to each sub-account. You can input the # with the HIST command to view the recent history on those accounts as well.

Say goodbye to logging into your online banking account or waiting for statements in the mail. With SMS banking, you can quickly and easily stay on top of your finances from wherever you are. At Seneca Nation of Indians Federal Credit Union, we're committed to providing our customers with the latest and greatest in banking technology. Try SMS banking today and experience the convenience for yourself!



Mobile Deposit Now Available Through our SNIFCU App!

Are you tired of making trips to the bank just to deposit a check?

With mobile check deposit, you can easily deposit checks into your credit union account using your smartphone! Simply use our mobile app to take a picture of the check and submit it for deposit.

It's quick, easy, and convenient. Plus, you can make deposits anytime, anywhere.

Say goodbye to long lines and trips to the bank, and hello to the convenience of mobile check deposit!

With the Seneca Nation of Indians Federal Credit Union, your banking is right at your fingertips.